Collage made with Marleen Sleeuwits photography named Interior-no.32 and Maison Martin Margiela houte couture backstage image by Edouard Caupeil.


Empillowed: soft coats

End of season, flavors still around. For designers inspiration comes from many sources: nature, science, music… and the list seams endless, but the last winter a primal instinct seamed to be dominant, a deep wish and soft fantasy: to be surrounded by pillows, to be in bed longer, warm and protected, to wake up and walk around wrapped in soft materials, like in a cloud, in a dream or an unusual scene where the customer feel comfy-yet-distant to this world




Masks is fashion scene

Masks and veils are one of the oldest accessories in our history, the word mask has an ancient root connected to Proven├žal language meaning “to black” or “cover in black”.
Seems that masks reflect the primitive instinct of hide-and-show of human beings.

Masks are a powerful symbol and can drive a fashion show to the most mysterious and deep founded concept.